I bring leadership to design.

My strength is helping organizations envision and implement design that matters.

I bring leadership to design.

My strength is helping organizations envision and implement design that matters.

Work Samples

Management and UX Strategy Design User Research Information Architecture

UX Management and Strategy

History has proven time and again that it is not always the best design that wins (I'm looking at you, VHS), but rather the design that has been most effectively supported and/or implemented.

That then, represents the importance of UX Management and Strategy within an organization's design landscape. I take immense pride in helping organizations make incremental improvements while not losing sight of guiding the same organization toward a more exceptional future.

Of course, lofty goals are just big words, unless accompanied by tangible, accomplishable steps toward those goals. Herein are a few examples of the efforts I make to drive successful UX within an organization.


As a child, I grew up with a pencil in my hand; always drawing and sketching. As I grew older, steadfast use of the pencil remained, but it became trained toward accomplishing things - communicating difficult ideas, quickly ideating concepts, or even adding context to written words. I now realize that even before I knew what UX was, I was practicing Design.

Today the meaning of "design" is even bigger, representing the full breadth of efforts - from sketching, to prototyping, to visual design - that moves a solution from idea to implementation.

Here are a few recent examples of my design work, with my best problem-solving still ahead.

User Research

User-Centered Design requires an understanding and appreciation for users that is borne from User Research. Unfortunately, all too often project budgets prevent organizations from conducting the ideal amount of research the design team desires. Rather than throw in the towel, my approach is to find low-cost and effective ways to increase the understanding of our users and their context. Some research is better than no research.

These portfolio items represent a few of the critical methodologies which I attempt to bring to each design project I manage or mentor.

Information Architecture

Herein are a few examples that represent my commitment to the science of design.

Whether it is interaction design principles, requirements and process understanding, or even project organization, Information Architecture is a critical element of effective design.

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