I'm honored you're here.

I've chosen human-centered design because it is the perfect Venn diagram for my interests: technology, art, and people.

I've had lots of years to get my hands dirty with research and design. I now focus on helping organizations and people learn, grow, and make some amazing products.

I've travelled a few paths...

I've built human-centered design practices at three different Fortune 50 companies.

I've executed research and design across enterprise, web, mobile, and physical/service domains.

I've recently been exploring advertising, Web3, behavioral analytics, rewards systems, and growth experiences as a Principal Design Manager at Microsoft.

There are so many areas left to explore...

I will invest my time in the teams that are hungry to build themselves, build others, and build the future. I will be flexible with my interests, but inflexibly idealistic. I will remain poised to explore what is next.

I'd love to learn more about your journey, and how I might travel along with you.

Let's talk!