This site was built during an eight week timeframe during the summer of 2015.

When I began the project, I had a few core goals in mind:

This updated portfolio site originally went live at 10:23pm PT on 08/16/2015. Adjustments to content, design, and behind-the-scenes improvements followed immediately thereafter, and continue today.

User Research

I believe in the process of User-Centered Design, and designing a personal portfolio is no different. As such, two weeks of the aforementioned eight-week design/development cycle was allocated to competitive analysis, crafting ad hoc personas, and developing contextual scenarios to guide my design decisions.

Since this information may be helpful to other UX practitioners, I have packaged it up and am making it available to anyone that may benefit from it. Grab it below.

Download UX Design Portfolio Research

Tools and Resources

On this page I provide over 30 different links to articles, resources and tools that helped me during the development process. I’m sure I viewed many more, but for the sake of brevity, I focused on the resources that I think will be most helpful to other designers that may be less familiar with code.

Additionally, I cannot provide enough praise to for how beneficial the variety of web development courses within that service were for helping me to learn and/or refresh my HTML, CSS, JS, etc. skills. In fact, Lynda even has courses on Zurb Foundation.

I utilized Sublime Text 3 for my web authoring. Primary site testing occurred on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer web browsers. WinSCP was used for file transfer.